Blog: the beginning

Blog posts, and how I feel about starting this journey. I am intimidated as hell that people are going to judge, criticize and disqualify something that I am very passionate about (which in not writing!) I am passionate about creating art, specifically watercolors. For the most part my watercolors are NERD inspired, but that is somewhat general in the fact that it is based on my particular loves at the moment. In fact some loves are just here for a quick moment and the excitement wears off and others touch so deeply that they are with you forever. This “love” is in reference to fandoms and other geeky things. Now I know I have gotten off topic and I will try to get back to that, but sometimes, maybe it’s just me or do you start typing and tangent onto another topic entirely, without even making the point you had originally set out to make?

I will make an effort to have thoughtful posts, but occasionally you may come across random thoughts or ramblings. So back to these upcoming blog posts… It is my plan to share my art with whoever is interested, I have a few sites that offer a variety of print on demand pieces as well a high quality art prints. Exciting bit of information, I have an art show/sale going on mid October, and have been working hard to get plenty of paintings finished, as well as having all my social media accounts updated and ready, that is also the push I have needed to get this blog started. I plan on posting updates of new paintings, upcoming show dates and locations, as well as any other exciting projects I may be taking on. My goal is to have an entire solo show at some point, so it’s time to get to work and make this happen!

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