Ideas and theories…

Ideas and theories, they are fantastic and completely drive the creative process. It is even more amazing when these ideas work!

I primarily use dry watercolors, Windsor & Newton are my favorites. Occasionally I will use my Dr. Ph. Martin’s liquid watercolors. If you have ever used various water colors you know that paints and papers all react differently. The inks that bleed and blend so beautifully once dry will not move. So I thought I could paint an object in the background, one that I want to be seen and hidden all at the same time. It could have gone completely wrong in so many ways, especially since the first painting I decided to try it out on was a bit complex and time consuming.

But I am very happy to say it was all worth it in the end, not only did I end up with a beautiful painting, but my theory worked. I am not entirely sure what I am happier about.

Check out a few snapshots of the piece in progress and the final piece.

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