Comic Book: Sandman

What so you so when you finish a series, wether it’s a book, tv show or in this particular case for me a comic book series? Well I paint about it, I choose elements from the series that provoke me or choose favorite quotes. I do this for multiple reasons, one being I don’t want it to be over, I want to hold onto the characters and stories I’ve come to love (or hate). Another more recent reason is I want to share my version of these ideas with the world.

A little more detail about what is going on… This is my first introduction into the comic book world, and it was more then I could have expected.

I recently finished the Sandman comic book series written by Neil Gaiman. If you’ve ever read anything by this amazing author you won’t be surprised by the captivating stories and how wrapped up in a new world you become.


Aside from Morpheus, Delirium is my favorite character. It is so much fun to come across hidden gems of Delirium moments. As I was listening to the audio book American Gods also by Neil Gaiman. I was so excited to hear the description of this very specific girl in San Francisco, one that could have been described as any random person walking the streets, BUT it was Delirium, she even had her dog with her! Another great moment was while watching Jessica Jones, I noticed a drawing poster on her bedroom wall, it was of Delirium. This I find interesting, not because I am noticing Del everywhere but the fact that Sandman is in the DC universe and Jessica Jones is Marvel. So in the end it is fun with the universes cross a bit, especially with so many amazing characters out there.

I would love to hear from you, what comic book was your first. What do you do when you finish a series? What comic book would you recommend? If you are familiar with the Sandman series, what was your favorite volume, or story?




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