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First ever art show… it was a bit of a roller coaster. So much time, effort and money put into it. I also felt very exposed, putting my art out there like that. But I did it and I’m happy I did, in the end it was very encouraging and empowering. I’m looking forward to getting out there and doing more. It truly was worth it!

I’ve met some new people and am looking forward to getting more involved in my local artist community. The response from the spectators was very positive, and the questions would spark a new idea.

Afterwards, was a weird mix of feeling creative (so many new ideas!) and excited to do more, also sad because it was all done. I can’t really explain the different emotions I felt, but in the end I am so proud of myself for doing it.

My hope is that anyone second guessing themselves, and afraid to put yourself out there – DO IT, it’s worth it.

I had amazing support from family and friends, the support was much more then just the day of the event. So many hours leading up to this, and my constant ramblings about new ideas, how to set up my space, the reassurance when I doubted myself, the excited support when I would make an online sale. I was very happy to see family and friends in my booth and the encouragement was awesome, even the ones that were unable to be there in person, the texts and Facebook comments were greatly appreciated.

My beautiful nieces wore the shirts I had printed for them, it was such a sweet surprise to see them wearing my artwork. So of course I had to get a picture of them next to the original pieces. Incase you are interested in seeing the details of my booth, checkout these photos…

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