Wibbly Wobbly Time Wimey

Disneyland is always such a magical place, and I am such a happy girl when I get to experience one or more of my many nerdy loves. From Galliday to Guardians of the Galaxy to themed dining and so much more.

Galliday as mentioned in a previous post, is the unofficial Doctor Who day at Disneyland. I was expecting to see fellow Whovians around every corner, but things don’t always go as planned. My friend and I had lunch reservations, a goal to ride Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout and we didn’t make it to any of the meet-up points. I found myself looking all day for others dressed up, I did see five different girls in Tardis dresses, that was fun and exciting. The security guy at checkin committed on my shirt too. Here’s me in my Dalek t-shirt, it might just be my new favorite shirt! Check out the link to buy one for yourself too.

Are you wondering about lunch reservations and where we ate? Or if I made it on the Guardians ride? Lets start with lunch, I have always wanted to eat at the Blue Bayou, you know that beautiful restaurant you see at the beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Well that’s where we ate, it was so amazing, the food was terrific. The only thing I could possibly complain about was not seeing any stars in the sky (but maybe it was a cloudy day indoors – hahaha). Anyways, I highly recommend trying it if you get the chance. Now on to the Guardians… Yes we rode the gantry lift and helped Rocket break out the others, it was so much fun, definitely my favorite ride at Disney California Adventure!


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