ABOUT this nerd

…Now this little nerd never understood why others always insisted that she be more “normal” like everybody else. Why would I want to be the same as everyone else? she thought. I am me and my imagination takes me anywhere and everywhere I could ever want to go. Minds were made to wander after all. And I like seeing things from a different perspective. One full of glitter and daydreams where imagination, creativity, and individuality are fate’s greatest gifts. If everyone else wants to march together down the same narrow street toward whatever the biggest corporations are trying to sell that’s fine with me, have a Coke and a smile. I’ll be traveling through space and time in a TARDIS with Syllable, my goofy but brilliant giraffe sidekick. …That is of course if I’m not summoned to fight alongside the Avengers against an onslaught of comic book villains. And there’s my date with Star Lord this weekend too… I haven’t even decided what I’m going to wear…  Wait, what was I talking about?